2016-17 STEBA Summer Roster

Derwent Tavern Red's team list
Name Notes
Barney Campbell  
Brock Nichol  
Haydn Esposito 20/11/16: Name changed from Haydn Esposito to CalebHaydn Esposito.
20/11/16: Name changed from CalebHaydn Esposito to Haydn Esposito.
Mark Tomlinson  
Mickey Wakefield 20/11/16: Transferred from Marquis Storm to Derwent Tavern Red's.
Pauline Williams 20/11/16: Name changed from Pauline to Pauline Williams.
Phil Krause  
Shanarra Esposito  
Vince Esposito  
Vince Esposito Jnr  

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